Vermont Castings - Adapter for older Defiant model wood stove

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Looking for oval adapter to 6 inch stove pipe. Length of oval opening is 10 5/8 inch outside diameter

Vermont Castings Intrepid Wood Stove

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I am not a rookie with woodstoves, I have owned 5. The Intrepid was in the house I bought a few years ago, the local woodstove suggested a new flue liner, I did that for over $1,000.

The fact is this woodstove and I am sure all of this model just plain suck. The books says 4.5 hour burn time, sure if you are not getting any heat out of it and yes I use dry (seasoned) hard wood (mostly red oak). Say hello to slick marketing and the work "Vermont" in the name of a woodstove. Superior to this piece of *** are Russo (out of business) Temp Wood (out of business), Fisher (out of business) and onither one I got out of the want advertiser years ago.

Don't believe the Vermont Castings hype. They suck!

Vermont Castings Products

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Before you purchase a Vermont Castings product, be forwarned

I own a wood stove which looks and preforms its function quite well. As with anything, from time to time it needs some maintenance. This is were things go horribly wrong.

This company only deals with local suppliers and have no way for the end consumer to contact the company. It is deliberatly set up this way. The company was apparently horrendously mismanaged.

The dealers and any web info makes it seem like everything is perfectly ok with this company, they still have inventory to peddle. If the consumer needs parts for a product, and I would guess warrantee work, there is no support for this. The run around begins and the hope the frustrated consumer gives up.

If you purchase one of their products do so with this knowledge

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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